Mission – Platinum Escorts London

Mission- Platinum Escorts London

Mission – Platinum Escorts London, at this time, is not a 501(c) nonprofit organization, that conducts research on escorts and offers education and consultation to researchers,  the public and policymakers. Platinum Escorts London goal is to inform institutions of escorts while at the same time advocating for alternatives to escorts – including emotional and physical healthcare for escort. The roots of escorts are in the assumption that men are entitled to get involved with escorts.


Strategy on providing escort information for good policy; while, the promotion of public awareness including escorts.

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 Research: Conducting original research on issues surrounding escorts.

  • Public Education: Providing consultation to researchers, survivors, policymakers and the public on issues surrounding escorts.
  • Collaboration: Working with individuals to develop new research and to push for alternatives to escorts.
  • Advocacy: Participating in strategies on behalf of escorts harmful policies in the industry. Providing analysis of legislation that will promote the rights of the escort.
  • Exploring the newest Escort programs.
  • This site will offer products and services, and may or may not receive fees or commissions.

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